A-Z Rug Bible


After the perfect rug, but getting a little confused at all of the technical terms surrounding them?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Take a look at our A-Z of top terms below to help you with your search:

Breathable rugs allow air flow to reach a horse’s skin, which aids with the evaporation of moisture and sweat

Combo neck rugs have an integrated neck cover, ensuring maximum heat generation

Coolers are indoor rugs with a thin, breathable layer to keep horses warm while still allowing for sweat or water to evaporate, helping them dry without getting cold

Denier is the thickness of the fibres within the rug’s fabric itself, and a higher denier tends to be more durable

Fibrefill is a material that traps warm air in the rug, the same way a horse’s coat does, to keep them cosy in cool temperatures

Filling is usually measured in grams per square metre (GSM)

Foreleg arches are slightly cut out behind the horse’s elbow, offering more freedom of movement

Heavyweight turnout rugs contain over 300g of fill and are the perfect option for the coldest winters, but they have the disadvantage of becoming very heavy when wet

Hood loops provide the option to attach a neck cover to a rug

Lightweight turnout rugs only contain up to 150g of fill and are ideal during milder weather

Mediumweight turnout rugs contain between 150-300g of fill and you can layer rugs underneath them for extra warmth if needed

Neck covers are useful if your horse needs extra warmth, eliminating the need to go up to the next rug weight

Sheets are indoor rugs providing a thin layer without any extra weight. Like a cooler, they are handy to lay over a horse’s shoulders or quarters while you groom them

Shoulder gussets are tailored toward horses with bigger shoulders, as the extra material provides greater range of movement

Stable rugs are indoor rugs which come in a wide range of fills and they can be layered underneath turnout rugs, as the waterproof outer will keep it dry

Standard neck rugs don’t have a neck cover attached, although some come with hood loops included

Surcingles are straps that secure rugs underneath a horse’s belly

These are the main terms we’ve struggled with in the past, do you have any more?

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