An Introduction to Whitaker Saddles

John Whitaker International has recently created a new saddlery collection, complete with both updated and entirely new saddles. A new range of semi-synthetic leather saddles is now available under the Whitaker Everyday umbrella which offers all the exceptional quality you would expect from Whitaker UK Saddles, but at a lower cost.

The John Whitaker Saddle Collection has recently been upgraded and fine-tuned, right on time for you to bring in the new year with either a completely new model or an updated model! Our team has worked hard to ensure that these saddles will be the perfect fit for both riders and horses alike. Calfskin leather seats and panels have been made using a softer foam for a comfortable fit, and the slim-line close-contact seat ensures optimum connection between horse and rider. The felt-lined under panel even features slits should you wish to use extra wool flocking.

All saddles are crafted from the finest quality leathers which are specifically chosen to enhance grip. We have hand selected new, softer and richer materials offering exceptional grip. Such is the quality of the leather that it eliminates the need to break in your saddle – giving you a competition ready fit from day one.

Every type of equestrian discipline requires different skills and abilities - and your saddle should be no different. This is why all aspects of every saddle we create have been thoroughly thought out and tested to ensure they excel at their intended use. For example, our Windsor Junior Pro Saddle is designed with stability and safety in mind, with large calfskin knee rolls to help budding riders develop their skills whilst keeping them safe.

Saddles are by no means a small investment though, and we know there can be a lot to take in when considering a new purchase!

Here at John Whitaker International, we have a variety of saddles available for sale. This even includes three different ranges, the John Whitaker Collection mentioned above, Whitaker Demands Range and Whitaker Everyday Range. We also have saddles that come with HeatMould systems and ones with Gullet Tree systems. Each of these have their own particular advantages and so if you’re struggling for a style to go with then read on! 

Whitaker Demands Range

Whitaker Demands saddles come with a medium width gullet bar as standard, but can be adapted by using one of six sizes. This simple system uses an easy access panel, which is opened using an Allen Key (provided); this no nonsense approach makes for a quick and easy adjustment process which is ideal for horses and ponies that are changing shape.

The seat, knee roll, skirt and flaps are crafted from a soft grained genuine leather for superior comfort and durability whilst the under panel and sweat flaps are made using a specially engineered synthetic leather. This durable, waterproof material means your saddles can be wiped down using soapy water and won’t crack or deteriorate.

The under panels of Whitaker Saddles incorporate a shock absorbing latex construction, and the felt-lined panels are padded with memory foam flocking which moulds perfectly to the shape of your horse and won’t compact and harden over time. There are slits in these panels to allow for traditional wool flocking, if required.

Whitaker Everyday Range

All of our new everyday saddles now come with an exceptionally ‘close-contact’ fitting seat and under panels, allowing for a greater connection between horse and rider. The Latex panels have been made softer for your horse’s comfort, and come with slits for additional wool flocking - perfect for horses with an irregular conformation.

All saddles in the Everyday Collection are built upon our Gullet Tree, which allows for super easy adjustments. All you have to do is unscrew the existing bar (all saddles are supplied with a medium width bar) and replace it with the correct sizing.

The synthetic leather used for the Everyday Saddle range has been engineered for a secure grip and a natural appearance, whilst being super easy to maintain - all you need is a sponge and some soapy water! The knee rolls and seat are made from a genuine leather to aid in grip and comfort.

HeatMould Trees

Light, flexible and shock absorbing, these Trees are crafted from a Nylon Polymer which is injection-moulded and then hand-shaped to the correct size. This injection-moulded technique results in an incredibly strong tree without any additional reinforcement. Injection moulding has also allowed us to heighten the tree points, ensuring your horse has full movement through its shoulders.

The HeatMould Tree can be adjusted up to 2cm as many times as you require without affecting the structural integrity of your saddle. This is achieved by using a specialist infrared lamp which penetrates the leather and padding without causing any trace of damage and allows us to mould the tree to your exact specifications.

Not only is the HeatMould Tree exceptionally lightweight, the Nylon Polymer distributes pressure evenly, reducing pressure ‘hot spots’ - this not only places less strain on the horse’s spine but also ensures a comfy and stable seat for the rider.

Gullet Trees

Our Gullet Tree uses shaped steel bars to strengthen and shape the pommel of your saddle to ensure the optimum fit for your horse. These steel gullet bars come in 6 different widths and will comfortably fit the majority of horses.

Once the easy-access panel on your saddle is pulled aside, the gullet bar is clearly visible and can be easily swapped in a matter of minutes. Simply unscrew the current gullet bar, pop your new size in and you’re good to go! Because the Gullet Tree uses steel bars to strengthen the tree, once the gullet bar is removed the pommel will stretch easily, meaning even the widest bars can be fitted with ease.

The only tool you need to adjust your saddle with is an Allen Key. These are supplied with all new Gullet Tree saddles, and if you misplace yours they are sold at most good DIY stores - there’s no need for any specialist tools!

Junior Pro Jump Saddle From: £1,195.00
The Junior Pro Jump Saddle has large calfskin knee rolls and a forward cut ensure a secure seat position - perfect for building confidence in future show-jumping superstars.
- Forward cut
- Large calfskin padded knee roll ensure stability when jumping
- Close-contact calfskin seat
- Durable leather flaps
- Contrast white pipe and stitching
- Contrast red/white/blue stirrup keeper
SIZES: 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5”

Stockholm Jump Saddle From: £1,495.00

Designed for the professional and amateur use, our new Stockholm Saddle is made entirely from a supple calfskin leather, large front knee block and a flat seat for comfort when jumping.
Key features of this particular model include:
- Full calfskin flaps for a close-contact feel
- Forward cut for stability
- Improved close-contact panels
- Large padded knee roll
- Heat-Mould Nylon tree for a lightweight and bespoke fit
- Contrast white stitch and piping
SIZES: 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18”


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