Build Your Own Bridle step by step guide

Build Your Own Bridle

The John Whitaker B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Bridle) lets you create a custom fit bridle that is the perfect fit for your horse.  By choosing each component; your headpiece, browband, noseband, cheek pieces, and reins, the John Whitaker Pick and Mix Bridles are a great way to create a design that fits your horse’s needs.

step 1

Both options are padded for comfort and come with a throat lash.

HP100 Anatomic headpiece
HP101 Straight headpiece

step 2

Available in 5 styles, 2 colours and in 4 sizes, there is a perfect fit for your horse.
NB100 Flash noseband
NB101 Drop noseband
NB102 Snaffle noseband
NB103 Anatomic noseband
NB104 Mexican noseband

cheek pieces

We have 3 options- clips, buckles or billets?
CP100 Billet cheek pieces
CP101 Buckle cheek pieces
CP102 Clip cheek pieces
cheek piece


All our reins are made from a durable rubber with leather stops- perfect for grip in all conditions!
RER100 Billet 9-loop rubber reins
RER101 Buckle 9-loop rubber reins
RER102 Oblong 9-loop rubber reins
RER103 Snap clip 9-loop rubber reins


Plain, decorative or sparkly- the choice is yours!
BB100 Raised browband
BB101 Squared curve browband
BB102 Flat browband
BB103 Sparkle gold browband
BB103 Sparkle navy browband
BB104 Checkerboard browband
BB105 Chunky black crystal browband
BB105 Chunky clear crystal browband

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